Episode 20: Hook w/ Steve Walano

“Holy crap. HOLY CRAP IS THAT REALLY WHAT’S HAPPENING?!…well. Interesting choice.”

This is essentially what all three of us were yelling during our separate viewings of Hook, and the recording session. We have SO much to say, yet we’re sometimes completely at a loss. It’s really long. And so is this episode. And we couldn’t reign it in.

Things that happen:
~We imagine how this movie would go if the kidnapping happened to a less WASPy family.
~Things Steve & Celey bond over: “No dragons, no spaceships, no dice. Amirite!”
~For some reason, the Tink-Peter Pan relationship just BREAKS Celey’s heart.
~Nora’s REALLY worried about the baby in the snow.

We think…maybe it’s Still Got It. Probably. We’re pretty sure. WE’RE FEELING A LOT OF FEELINGS AND WE’RE CONFUSED OK?!

It’s HOOK!

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