Episode 18: Home Alone w/ Carl Jackson

It’s Christmas time! What does that mean? It means you need a break from your family. You & Kevin both amirite?! tumblr_mxv77w7ugv1t6o9c1o1_500.gif

Now, this film is a classic. You know it, we know it, and in many, many ways, it has Still Got It. BUT, y’know what, there is still SO MUCH to discover! You forgot how weird old man Marley was. You never fully appreciated Catherine O’Hara. Or the amazing joke that is “the wet bandits.”

Film buff & advertising guru Carl Jackson helps us sift through all these important moments in delightful and intense detail. We really cannot recommend a better way to take a break from the holiday season, while staying in the Christmas spirit. Home-Alone-GIFs.gif

Keep the change, ‘ya filthy animal.

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