Episode 17: The Next Karate Kid w/ Alexandra Turshen

We may not have LOVED this movie…and the conversation may have turned to the startlingly serious (because there are some DARK MOMENTS HOLY CRAP WHERE’D THAT COME FROM?). tumblr_m9sxryjB981qzc448o1_250 But in the end, there is still girl power. And there is still the Cranberries.

But one thing we DO love, is Hilary Swank. No seriously. The amount of body-envy is off the charts. In the words of Alexandra Turshen, of international fame: “you can’t teach that.” In two words: CROP TOPS.maxresdefault.jpgKicks, punches, a dance, a DRESS, a hawk, a LOT of tears, and some “bullies” who take it insanely too far. Listen to Celey, Nora, and our resident delicate flower Alexandra Turshen re-live The Next Karate Kid!

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