Episode 16: Never Been Kissed w/ Bram Schumer

You have a stomach full of TurkeyStuffingPie, a head full of fantasy football scenarios, and ears full of your drunk Uncle’s distressingly misinformed opinions about Ben Carson. Let us whisk you away!

It’s our first annual Thanksgiving episode, and it’s the 1999 Drew Barrymore CLASSIC, Never Been Kissed. Because let’s be honest, when you think about what you’re thankful for, an excellent kiss ranks damn high on that list. The cast is incredible, the hair is not, the heart-throbs are plentiful, and we want more of LeeLee Sobeiski.

As an added bonus, we’ve got Celey’s brother Bram as our special guest, which means 3 people who went to high school together will be discussing a high school movie. The trip(s) down memory lane are frequent and meandering, and Bram tries to coin himself a catch-phrase.

It’s Never Been Kissed! (pardon the echoes, we had to change our recording setup for the holiday)

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