Episode 14: Halloweentown w/ Bob Nasr

We are back! Back to our first loves! That purest and most simplistic of movie joys: the Disney Channel Original Movie.

In honor of Nora’s favorite holiday, we watched (everyone’s) mild-mannered Halloween favorite, Halloweentown, starring Kimberly J Brown, Debbie Reynolds, and Celey’s new favorite ginger: Judith Hoag.¬†We ALSO have special guest, improv genius and Californian transplant Bob Nasr. Or in Nora’s words: “a real live boy!”


Listen up as we try to make sense of this mindless, yet incredibly enjoyable romp. Particularly enjoy Celey’s newly coined phrase “bangin buddies” and the audio clips from the movie we’ve managed to insert.

It’s Halloweentown!

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