Episode 9: The Big Green

What did we think of this movie? Well, we wished we liked it. We WANTED to like it. But y’know what, we didn’t. Oh, it’s no cinematic crime like House Arrest, but you’re better off listening to us making fun of it and watching Cool Runnings after.

Please excuse the fussy sound, if you have questions about what you missed, tweet at us!

Enjoy a few teaser quotes before you dive right in…

“I can’t believe that in TWO movies I have not like the end kiss! It’s…unprecedented”~Nora
“I wanted it to be based on a true story. Or y’know like…a better story.”~Celey
“I will now open the floor to all sorts of questions about Texas.”~Chrissy
“I’m from a small town, I mean I didn’t have birds eat off of me, but…”~Nora

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