Coming soon: episode 4, Save the Last Dance

You guys. You remember this movie. This movie was an experience. It holds a place in your pre-teen heart and (for Celey) wardrobe. It taught us how much we love Kerry Washington, and how much tweens LOVE a dance-centric movie. The debate of whether or not this was an unquestionable classic we shouldn’t even touch with our snarky podcast fingers raged hot and heavy. But ultimately, we knew we might have been blinded by hormones (and Sean Patrick Thomas’ pearly whites)…and really any excuse to watch this movie again would be worth it.


In the first of what is sure to be many dance dance dancey movies this podcast reviews, gear up for next week’s episode by catching Save the Last Dance! You probably have the DVD, but if you don’t it’s on HBOGo.

Live that dream nerds. Rehan de jamps attitude for DAYZ.


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